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All About Sam

All About Sam considers what it is that we want to know when we say we want to get to know someone.

“By experiencing your complex and profound works we have ended up with a shared
language to deal with the unsayable.” – Maurice Biriotti, CEO SHM Productions.

Bite Me

The Slow GIF Movement

The Slow GIF Movement takes the ubiquitous, flashing, momentary image of a GIF and reimagines it as slow, durational artworks and a public health intervention for the online world.

The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid

The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid collects unspoken words of love and pain from members of the public, and arranges for them to be listened to.

“creates a different kind of approach to most confessional material emphasising empathy rather than sensationalism” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian