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Hutong Watch


“it was a great privilege to be involved” – Nicola Jennings, caricaturist with The Guardian


“a riot of postmodern museum methodology” – John O’Connell, The Times.

“time and space open up” – Ruth Richardson, The Lancet


The Slow GIF Movement

The Slow GIF Movement takes the ubiquitous, flashing, momentary image of a GIF and reimagines it as slow, durational artworks and a public health intervention for the online world.

The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid

The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid collects unspoken words of love and pain from members of the public, and arranges for them to be listened to.

“creates a different kind of approach to most confessional material emphasising empathy rather than sensationalism” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Can I Help You?

Can I Help You? offers free help to passers-by and the general public. There are no plans and no boundaries: anything goes, the only requirement is that we figure it out together.

“A beautiful, open intervention that allows people to find their own ways to shape it.” Mel Evans, Liberate Tate.

The Lullaby Directory

An exploration of the history of lullabies, their beauty, and darkness: The Lullaby Directory explores the human need to be held, and how we use song to hold ourselves against the unpredictability of existence.

“Rhiannon Armstrong can sing […] the most luscious of anti-capitalist protest songs” Megan Vaughan

“mesmerisingly beautiful songs” Clare Qualmann, audience member


Public Selfcare System

Public Selfcare System is a one-to-one performance, direct action, a tandem jump into the unknown, and a masterclass in the radical act of stopping.

“thank you for making such clear-sighted, gentle, insistent work” – audience member