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Too Close to the Sun

What is a Creative Project Consultant?

A long term residency in a management consultancy. 

“By experiencing your complex and profound works we have ended up with a shared language to deal with the unsayable.”

Hutong Watch


“it was a great privilege to be involved” – Nicola Jennings, caricaturist with The Guardian


“a riot of postmodern museum methodology” – John O’Connell, The Times.

“time and space open up” – Ruth Richardson, The Lancet



a performance lecture about class, witnessing, and who gets left out of “history”

“I think you are astutely funny on stage, but what I really enjoy is how you make it ok for us to go deeply into something serious, long enough to be thoughtful and reflecting and thankful, actually.” – Dr. Simon Bowes, commissioner.

Anchored was initially made for the conference ‘Hold Everything Dear: John Berger and performance’ at the University of Greenwich in April 2018.
We are performance makers: we are looking ever closer at the detail of where we are now so that we may lose our bearings. 
“Surrounded by so many abstractions, they have to invent and share their own transient landmarks.”
We hope to come back, to find ourselves elsewhere.

This performance meditates on achorlessness across three threads:
  • performative writing gathered around autobiographical reflections on place and silence
  • field recordings and lullabies from Alan Lomax’s archive
  • footage of everyday materials magnified by a factor of 400

Text, song and image weave together exploring what remains when we lose our anchors of place and time.

Poems Made from Words Found in the Bin

an attempt to make something beautiful and true from shreds of discarded paper

The Slow GIF Movement

The Slow GIF Movement takes the ubiquitous, flashing, momentary image of a GIF and reimagines it as slow, durational artworks and a public health intervention for the online world.

The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid

The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid collects unspoken words of love and pain from members of the public, and arranges for them to be listened to.

“creates a different kind of approach to most confessional material emphasising empathy rather than sensationalism” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Can I Help You?

Can I Help You? offers free help to passers-by and the general public. There are no plans and no boundaries: anything goes, the only requirement is that we figure it out together.

“A beautiful, open intervention that allows people to find their own ways to shape it.” Mel Evans, Liberate Tate.